Self Portraits

Artist: Various Artists
Date: Jan 4, 2019

January 4–January 25th, 2019

Opening Reception: First Friday, January 4, 2019
Artists's Closing Party: Sunday, January 27th

Details: 3 studios on the 4th floor of the Anderson Arts Building are hosting Self Portrait shows at the same time, with about 50 artists involved.

The artists in Gallery 4 - 8 are:
Mike Arquilla, Herb Ascherman, Virginia Bacheler, Skip Battaglia, Paulette Davis, Jill Gussow, Judy Livingston, Claudine Margolis, Richard Margolis, Pete Monacelli, Joni Monroe, Sherry Phillips, Elisa Root, Dennis Steier, Joel Swartz, and Amy Vena.

Self Portraits Are Peculiar

The artists in this show are painters, photographers, and printmakers who have all been working a long time and could be considered specialists in thir favorite medium. Some prefer landscape, others collage, one does mosaic murals. They do certainly see themselves in the bathroom mirror in the morning, or reflected in shop windows when they walk down the street, and in lots of shiny surfaces.

What they have in common is that they don't normally do self portraits because it is normally considered "just for fun." Perhaps the most remarkable feature, the obvious take away here in Gallery 4 - 8, and the other shows on the 4th floor, is the wide variety of possibilities.

Some curators suggest that an artist's work viewed over years or decades, because it reveals their interests and preferences, can be understood as a self portrait.

We have announced that "Vision 20-20" will be the title of next year's Self Portrait Show.