Paintings and Driftwood Tables

Artist: Daniel Hogan
Date: Feb 2, 2018

Daniel Hogan Artist Statement

My father was a research chemist at Kodak 50 years ago and often brought chemicals home. He liked teaching me about simple chemical reactions and I was also experimenting myself. Now my paintings, where I blend colors to see what will happen, is like what I was doing with my father when I was a kid. I think of this as experimenting with paint instead of chemicals.

For me, making art is fun — sometimes with paint, or by making a table from a piece of drift wood I dragged out of the creek, by placing a stone on top. Both come from the same interest in experimenting or improvising.

The exciting part is when I stand back and look at the result and decide if it was successful or not. There are no rules, it's a matter of judgement. WHen it works, it's the result of the rational part of my mind and the intuitive or magical self being in balance.